Save On Your Energy Bill

Utilities bill through the roof? Environmentally-conscious green livers on a budget are constantly looking for new ways to enjoy the same amenities without using an unnecessary amount of resources. The first steps in the process of using fewer resources are relatively obvious; things like switching out your lightbulbs, drinking tap water instead of bottled water, and biking instead of driving whenever possible. But where does one go from there? Here are some less obvious ways you can cut down on your energy use while still enjoying the important services that electricity has to offer.

Eat right.

In terms of living green, you are what you eat. Most people don’t realize how unsustainable current food generation processes have become, and as a result they unconsciously financially fuel one of the most powerful systems threatening the future of our planet. How can one eat in a way that’s more environmentally sustainable? Start by paying attention to how much energy is used to get your food from where it’s grown or produced to your kitchen table. January is not tomato season, and South American bananas do not deliver themselves to your doorstep. Certain foods require more energy to transport and preserve for buyers, and these are the ones you’re going to want to avoid if you want to vote with your dollar.

Buy Organic.

Most people tend to buy organic food simply because they want to avoid the pesticides and chemical preservatives used to keep non-organic food on the shelf. However, choosing organic foods has an added cost: farming industries that grow food organically produce less waste and use less energy than other farming industries.

gas pump

Drive Right.

Your car’s mileage isn’t just the statistic posted on its windshield when you bought it; you have a fair amount of control over how many miles to the gallon you get during an average lap around the block, or around the country. In general, if you drive a little slower, you’re likely to get better mileage. A car’s peak mileage is usually somewhere in the high 40’s, early 50’s, and as you get higher than that your car’s fuel efficiency tends to dip dramatically. Don’t go too much faster than 65 on the freeway and try to plan out your stops so you’re not accelerating and braking more than you have to; the less gas you use, the less you’re negatively impacting our environment.

Use Your Dishwasher.

Although the appliance uses its fair share of water, studies have found that dishwashers clean a given amount of dishes (provided the dishwasher is full) using less energy and water than would be used cleaning those same dishes by hand under a faucet. Just be sure to go without the heated dry option, and try to get an appliance that’s Energy-Star rated.



The fostering of almost all plant life is beneficial towards human and general health on Earth; if you can plant a tree, you should go for it. You may just be setting up a new ecosystem for birds, small rodents, bugs, flowers, and the like. They can also provide pleasant shade in the summer.

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