Save Money with a Home Water Filter

Bottled water fanatics could benefit financially and save the planet from building up unnecessary waste simply by purchasing their own at home water filtration system. Considering Americans spend about $4 billion each year on bottled water and that that number has been steadily increasing for the past few decades, there’s clearly a lot to be won and lost based on your filtration decision. Plus it’s worth keeping in mind that each of those bottles are around $1 a bottle, so that means there’s about 4 billion bottles being discarded. Some make it to the recycler, but not many, so a lot of plastic just ends up in landfills and in the ocean. Then you have to think of all the shipping packaging that goes to waste and the man hours spent on making, filling, and dispersing the bottles.

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So why do Americans love bottled water? Well for one, a lot of money has been pumped into rather sophisticated marketing campaigns that allow a variety of water companies to compete with each other to sell the same exact product to the same general people. Images of artesian wells, mountain peaks, and polar bears are generally involved.

Americans that live in places with poorly filtered water tend to turn to bottles for clean drinking and cooking water. However, they tend to overlook a totally feasible option: a home filtration system. When you put the options side by side cost-wise, you have to consider particular numbers: You’re likely to pay about $6 per case of water (assuming you’re not a fancy imported water person) which, if you’re in a family of four that drinks a normal amount of water, is going to come out to around $3,114.67.

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If you purchase an in-home water filter, assume you will pay something around $20 from a Walmart or grocery stores. A family of four will have to then replace its water filter 18.25 times a year and each of those water filters cost $6.50. The entire cost comes out to about $96. Tap water costs money too obviously, but since it’s only about $1.50 per 1,000 gallons in America. That means a family of four, which will consume around 730 gallons of water per year, will pay about $1.10 for their water. All together, the cost of using a pitcher-style water filter system for a four-person household comes out to about $236.10.

The difference comes out to an astounding $2,878.57. That’s a lot more than it costs to replace a food processor. When you consider that the water in a bottle of water usually only costs about 10% of the cost, you definitely have to wonder what you’re actually paying that much money for. Basically just to pretend you’re fancy.

If you’ve been convinced on the filter option, you’re going to want to consider what kind of filters you actually want. You don’t have to opt into inexpensive water filters; they generally run using activated carbon to trap contaminants but can become saturated and become less effective over time.

Ultraviolet light can also be used to purify water. In pen or wand form, they can be swirled into unfiltered water and kill all present contaminants in minutes.

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