Knowing What Hot Tub is Right For You

We all know how it goes, we want a hot tub but looking for one and more importantly paying for one is no walk in the park. But when it comes to above ground hot tubs there is one for nearly any budget and will pay its way in dividends when you consider the health and quality of life benefits you are bound to receive. Above ground hot tubs have long had the stigma of belonging to the person who least kept up with the Johnson’s, but toady they are bold, and they are changing the way you think of taking a soak and doing so in luxury.
There is a wide range that your above ground hot tub could be from $2,000- $20,000 so to know which one is right for you isn’t always so easy.


Lifesmart 400DX: $3,299.00
First up is the Lifesmart 400DX this is considered by many to be one of the best value above ground hot tubs in the game right now. The Lifesmart 400DX is a above ground spa full featured deluxe with seating for 5 including a lounge position in all the right places. 17 therapy jets allow you to unwind in all the right places. there is even a waterfall jet and more than that. There are comparable models are sold as the lifesmart Antigua at and teh lifesmart Sierra at and all have nkreceived the highest marks among those who know whats good when it comes to above ground hot tubs. There is even a Faux-Mahogany skirt which adds a touch of class, while locking in that hard cover which adds a touche of class convenience and safety. And for all you Cali dwellers don’t worry, this baby meets those stringent energy standards.

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    Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna: $2,337

    Who let the dogs out? The Lifesmart Rock Solid above ground hot tub that’s who. This is your ballin on a budget model but don’t let the price tag fool you, you’ll be feeling like a king in no time with this bad boy, and have all the fix-ins to believe it yourself. This thing is cheap but still features 12 therapy jets, a spa light, cover and more…so yeah. One thing that is a major down side to this is that the jets are very loud and if you’re in it and trying to jam your Hal and Oats think again, but for the price its a great find.

    Inflatable hot tub:

    If you’re already going for an above ground hot tub chances are you are trying to go for an economic hot tub choice. If this is the case than you should consider something Like the Coleman Lay-Z spa. This puppy will only put you back $369 and is actually a comfy alternative to some of the hard plastic options. The Coleman is full featured for inflatable use and and is rated to serve up to 6 people comfortably.


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