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5 Space Age Inventions that Became Standard in the Home

Believe it or not, a lot of the technology you use in your home was either invented or revised by NASA to be easier to use and more reliable and effective overall. Here’s a list of the tools you might

Meet the Appliance Designed for Bug Eaters

Designer and Fulbright Scholar Katharina Unger is working on an incubator that allows insects to be prepared for human consumption. Her revolutionary if somewhat disgusting efforts to create an edible bug-creating appliance make up her thesis, called Farm 432: Insect

What’s New with Mr. Appliance

Mr. Appliance of Kane Kendall Will & Dupage has recently released some new and useful information regarding how to make even the most environmentally-unfriendly appliances operate using less energy and their owners’ money. “Some of the most commonly used household

Save On Your Energy Bill

Utilities bill through the roof? Environmentally-conscious green livers on a budget are constantly looking for new ways to enjoy the same amenities without using an unnecessary amount of resources. The first steps in the process of using fewer resources are

Make Your Own Solar Oven

Believe it or not, it’s actually not absurdly complicated to create your own solar oven. Solar ovens are not only down-right interesting and impressive to have made, they’re also a bit of so-called “green technology” that makes it possible to

Knowing What Hot Tub is Right For You

We all know how it goes, we want a hot tub but looking for one and more importantly paying for one is no walk in the park. But when it comes to above ground hot tubs there is one for

Save Money with a Home Water Filter

Bottled water fanatics could benefit financially and save the planet from building up unnecessary waste simply by purchasing their own at home water filtration system. Considering Americans spend about $4 billion each year on bottled water and that that number

What’s AC?

Ever had an issue with your car’s alternator? It’s not just a car thing; most appliances (especially those that uses motors like blenders and hair dryers) use alternating current as opposed to direct current. But what’s the difference and what’s

Propane or Natural-Gas?

If you’re a grill lover, you know that the first major divide among bbq enthusiasts is the charcoal vs. gas conflict; charcoal lovers will tell you that there’s no compensating for that lack of charcoal-cooked flavor, but you know better

The Secret Behind Your Food Processor

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to the food processor that you know and love than chopping onions. The blade that saves you time functions as a result of two things: electricity and magnetism. That’s right, your blade